7 Days Away Challenge

For Self-Care

Feeling stuck in the weeds of your restaurant and like you can’t get out because you don’t believe it’s possible for the business to run without you? Are you stagnant and always getting stuck in the details of the day-to-day? Are you exhausted and always imagined something bigger? 

Join Anne Gannon and get 7 days of LIVE meetings!

12/12 at 12:00pm EST




Your business is your baby. You are the brand. Your customers love you. Your employees need you. And yet…to reach your goals, your business CAN’T be all you. Which means the answer isn’t working harder. It isn’t working smarter. It’s actually NOT WORKING AT ALL.

You're just 7 Days Away from the ability to scale, franchise, and have time and freedom.

7 Days Away is your FREE opportunity to focus on your goals and long-term vision for the future of your business. You will walk away from your restaurant for 7 days to give yourself the guidance and space to think big about your business while your team learns the biggest lesson of all—what to do when you aren’t there.



You'll discover key information for your business’s value in this FREE challenge, as well is what you’re struggling with, to run an optimized and successful restaurant in real-time. This includes:

  • Learning where and what needs immediate attention in your business and how to do this moving forward
  • Discovering how to make your operations function more efficiently
  • Figuring out the type of leader you want to be 
  • Understanding what skillsets of your own and your team need investing 
  • Going inward for self-discovery and entrepreneurial discovery 
  • Access to a community of restaurants and entrepreneurs


This FREE Challenge will leave you feeling focused, energized and hopeful. It’s a straightforward guide you can follow at your own pace and apply right away, which includes: 

Before You Go:

  • How to manage expectations for what will happen while you’re away
  • A checklist to prepare the business for life without you

While You’re Away:

  • Direction on how to refocus now that you’re not in the weeds
  • An understanding of who you are, what you really what, your style of management, and a vision for your restaurant
  • 7 days of journal prompts to help you gather your thoughts on your time out of the weeds 

The Return:

  • An assessment of what you are struggling with and need to work on/improve when you return


  • Private Facebook group of other challenge participants/fellow restaurateurs 
  • Exclusive Q&A with Anne at the end of the week

About Anne Gannon

Anne Gannon, CPA, is the founder of The Largo Group. She is the mastermind behind a proven accounting model that has driven success for client after client. From increasing your revenue at your existing location to creating a realistic and sustainable long-term plan for your growth, Anne Gannon’s process will not only ensure you have a mastery of your own finances but will calculate every aspect of what it takes to reach your goals and help you get to them seamlessly - without ever sacrificing the values behind your business.


She gets her sports-minded approach from being a former professional golfer but loves to dive deep into numbers. Anne is the author of three books aimed at guiding hospitality entrepreneurs in the right direction.