Don't let the fear of your balance sheet keep you from growing your business

Webinar: The Financial Cleanse 10/13

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When you clean your balance sheet, it will fix your cashflow 

 It only takes 30 days for a fresh start

Join Anne Gannon for her upcoming Webinar: The Financial Cleanse, and you will learn how to understand and interpret your balance sheet so you can make better business decisions.

Don’t let a fear of uncertainty keep you from growing your business.

WHEN: Thursday, October 13th @ 2pm EST

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What is a Balance Sheet?

Understand what your balance sheet is and how it directs your business

Organizing your Balance Sheet

Know how to categorize your numbers so you balance sheet works with you

Your Balance Sheet is the Roadmap of your Financials 

Your balance sheet is telling the story of how your business operates

A messy balance sheet is holding you back. 

 How to never be afraid of going to the bank again

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About Anne Gannon

Anne Gannon, CPA, is the founder of The Largo Group. She is the mastermind behind our weekly accounting model and driven for your success. She gets her sports-minded approach from being a former professional golfer but loves to dive deep into numbers. Anne is the author of three books aimed at guiding entrepreneurs in the right direction.  

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