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Our proactive accounting system is designed to provide the peace-of-mind every business owner deserves.

What is The Largo Group?

What is The Largo Group?  In musical terms Largo means methodical.  The vision for our company is to offer a methodical approach to accounting and tax services so that the business owner has the key information they need in real time.  

The Largo Group was founded by Anne Gannon, CPA in 2016.  Anne has 15+ years experience and began her career as a CPA with a big-five accounting firm in Boston, MA where she quickly realized the only winner in the 'busy season' approach was the accounting firm. 

As the daughter of a life-long entrepreneur, Anne set out to form The Largo Group based on the fundamental ideal that monthly accounting and tax services could be done in a more efficient way. 


The Core Principles of The Largo Group Vision: 

  • Flat Fee Approach - allows us to be efficient and encourages open communication from our clients
  • Financial Analysis - not just a financial statement  
  • Personalized Approach - we take the time to build a relationship with our clients as we know every business and client is unique!
  • Education and Guidance - we take the time to communicate our monthly reports to our clients, and are always available for questions
  • A Team of Licensed Experts - we are on-call for all clients at no additional fee. We believe that having a licensed professional involved in monthly accounting ensures your numbers are accurate at all times

In the last five years the Largo Group has continued to provide this innovative approach to businesses and individuals across the U.S.  

The Largo Group is truly The Evolution of Monthly Accounting, and we look forward to working with you on your accounting needs. 



Our client relations specialists are available to coach our clients in all areas of their weekly and monthly accounting needs.  From learning to utilize technology, to talking through cash flow and bill-pay.  We are an extension of your business!

No Billable Hours

Call us anytime you have a question. Paying a monthly fee means we're there for you whenever you need us with no hidden fees or extra costs. 

Budgeting & Planning

With our finger on the pulse of your business we are able to work with our clients to plan for the months and years ahead.  All budgets are included in our monthly accounting and tax services.

The Largo Group Team

Anne Gannon, CPA


Rich Dunham

Chief Operating Officer

Director of Customer Operations

Johanna Batista

Office Manager / Staff Accountant

Krissy Pastrikos

Business Operations Analyst / Sales Tax Specialist

Sharon Evans

Client Relations Specialist

Norman LeBlanc, CPA

Director of Tax Services

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The Largo Group team is ready to help you in your business. Our approach to accounting is designed to set you up for success and reduce your stress. PLUS, all new clients receive a free a review of tax returns from the last two years. This $1,000 value evaluation is free to new clients and is likely to uncover a realization of anywhere from $3,000–$10,000.

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