The Largo Group Was The Go-To Resource For Restaurant Owners Across the Country During The Pandemic

How did The Largo group react to COVID-19?

During 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, our weekly accounting model proved to be a difference-maker for business owners all over the country, with 95% of our clients surviving the Covid-19 related shutdowns.
Our commitment is to NEVER AGAIN have business owners feeling powerless.

See how one client managed COVID successfully

The journey of Barley Creek through 2020 was certainly an adventure for Trip Ruvane, Founder and Stephanie Rath, CEO - from joining the hand sanitizer movement, to creating private fire-pits for rent with a view of the Pocono Mountains, to revolutionizing the marketing and offerings of their beer to consumers.
As you will see, the innovative ways they have transformed and their excitement for what they have done and where they are going is inspiring! Now more than ever, 2021 is about setting your company up for success in the post covid-19 world. 
How can we help you?

Largo Client

"The team at Largo has given me the tools and guidance to make real time decision about my restaurant. I now have a cash flow that allows me the freedom to pay all vendors within 7 to 10 days. I now have 2 months of payroll expenses in the bank. They are what I have been looking for in an accounting firm for 10 years, they understand the hospitality industry."