Strategic Ways to Add 5% to Your Bottom Line

Learn how to improve your bottom by making simple changes to your labor strategy! Especially now, labor impacts your bottom line tremendously, during this session we will give you 5 tips to add 5% to your bottom line. You won't want to miss this! 

First session: Find 5% in your menu   ON DEMAND

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The Largo Groups Industry Experts


Chris D'Agostino (Left)

Over 33 years working with a global coffee chain working directly in operations specializing in growth with a proven record. His missions to drive owners to be more in-tune with their operation to grow their bottom line.

Scott Fisher (Right)

With over 30 years of operational experience, Scott has worked with both family owned and corporate restaurants. Scott has experience managing multi-unit operations, achieving growth year over year.

"We have been able to increase profit margins 17% since we began working with The Largo Group"

- Adeline V.

"Collaborating with Anne has had a tremendous impact on our business. Over the last four months, we've made remarkable progress thanks to her assistance. "

- Norman R.

"The team at the Largo Group has truly given me back my confidence as an owner. "

- Kara R. 

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