Foodify your Business! 

Learn the best practices of having profitable food on your menu. Tired of leaving money on the table? Learn how to use food to create a successful business. We will discuss the different ways to use food to increase your profits, create a unique customer experience, and build a lasting business. 

6/22/2023 at 1:00 EST

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Menu Planning

Create a balanced menu + pricing strategies.

Food Preparation/ Waste Reduction

Food storage & food prep techniques.

Menu Planning

Creating a balanced menu is essential for any business that serves food. It is important to consider the types of food you will be offering, the presentation of your dishes, and how to keep your menu fresh and exciting.

There are three main pricing strategies when it comes to the food business. 

1. Cost plus pricing

2. Competitive pricing

3. Value based pricing 

Effective menu planning doesn't have to be difficult. You need to keep it simple, know your audience and stay current. 

Food Prep + Waste Reduction

Food storage is essential for any business that deals with food. It helps to keep food fresh, safe, and reduces waste. 

Food preparation is the process of taking raw ingredients and transforming them into a dish. This can involve anything from cutting vegetables to marinating meats. It is important to understand the basics of food preparation, such as proper knife skills, how to season food, and how to cook different types of food.

Here are three tips to reduce food waste

1. Track your waste

2. Use your scraps

3. Adjust your inventory


The Largo Groups Industry Experts


Chris D'Agostino (Left)

Over 33 years working operationally in the hospitality industry. Chris started his hospitality career as a dishwasher and worked his way up to executive chef for a prestigious restaurant. He has travelled across the country working with business owners to improve their food cost and menu. 

Scott Fisher (Right)

With over 30 years of operational experience, Scott has worked with both family owned and corporate restaurants. Scott has experience managing multi-unit operations, achieving growth year over year.

"We have been able to increase profit margins 17% since we began working with The Largo Group"

- Adeline V.

"Collaborating with Anne has had a tremendous impact on our business. Over the last four months, we've made remarkable progress thanks to her assistance. "

- Norman R.

"The team at the Largo Group has truly given me back my confidence as an owner. "

- Kara R. 

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