Restaurant Accounting 


The Largo Group has a team of experienced professionals ready to take your restaurant to the next level.

We aren't just accountants, we are a team of industry experts driven to deliver for you, our client.

With 40+ years in the hospitality industry, our team is committed to building a WEEKLY approach focused on consistent, measurable results without the disruption during your key weeks when delivering for your members means all hands on deck.  

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How It Works

The Largo Group provides a team of experts who are actively involved in your business on a weekly and monthly basis.  Our goal is to provide the key information you need to run a successful restaurant in real time.

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Team of Experts

For business owners, it can feel at times like your accounting firm doesn't truly understand your business.  After all, do they know the stress of placing a food order? They may not, but WE DO! We are committed to making sure we aren't just your accountants, we are PART of your operations.  

Why It Matters

We don't just offer payroll, we work with you to ensure your payroll is set up accurately for success.  From customized labor categories, to handling all new-hire and termination paperwork, your full service payroll ensures your success.

Sales Tax Filing
Our sales tax experts provide full support to our restaurant clients and understands the laws in every state. We are so confident in our knowledge, that once we start filing for you, we stand between you and the state in case of an audit.

Your assigned accountant works with you every month, walking you through your financial statements so you can make adjustments on the fly instead of looking back at your year and realizing you lost.

Weekly Snapshot
Instead of waiting until April – four months into a new year! – our team provides a weekly snapshot of where your business is at the moment. Review the information that is important to you, get a trend analysis, a cash flow analysis, review your restaurant profit and loss statements, get help with projections and 100% verification of all balances and expenses.

Tax Returns
In addition to giving you the insight to be flexible and make adjustments on a monthly basis, the other goal of the monthly work is to feed into the final tax return. When you work on your books monthly, review your financial statements, make adjustments along the way and plan for your tax obligations throughout the year, there are no surprises. Plus, all your dollars are allotted to benefit the business rather than the government.

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The Largo Group team is ready to help you and your business. Our approach to accounting is designed to set you up for success and reduce your stress. PLUS, all new clients receive a free a review of tax returns from the last two years. This $1,000 value evaluation is free to new clients and is likely to uncover a realization of anywhere from $3,000–$10,000.

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