Our Mission

is to provide our clients with a clear understanding of the dynamics of their business within their industry in order for them to achieve lasting growth and success. Our innovative accounting model eliminates the traditional "busy season" and focuses on a unique process that works for the business owner. We provide new solutions for our clients' different demands and superior individualized accounting, tax, and consulting services. We deliver high-quality financial products while providing unparalleled personal service, going the extra mile for our clients.


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Experienced Accountants with a Simplified Approach

Our proactive accounting system is designed to provide the peace -of -mind every business owner and individual deserves.

The Largo Group was founded by Anne Gannon, CPA in 2016. In musical terms, Largo means methodical. Our company offers a methodical approach to accounting and tax services so that the business owner has the key information they need in real time with the ability to expand their business.  

Meet our Team

Our Team

Anne Gannon, CPA


Anne has 15+ years experience and began her career as a CPA with a big-five accounting firm in Boston, MA where she quickly realized the only winner in the 'busy season' approach was the accounting firm. 

As the daughter of a life-long entrepreneur, Anne set out to form The Largo Group based on the fundamental ideal that monthly accounting and tax services could be done in a more efficient way. Her Franchise Accelerator will help you increase your revenue at your existing location to create a realistic and sustainable long-term plan for your growth and to help you reach your financial goals.

Chris D'Agostino


Scott Fisher

Vice President

Danielle Cooper

Business Development and Training Manager

Rebecca Pelligrine

Project Manager

Ankita Patel

Senior Ops-Keeper

Christina Black


Amy Espiritu


Desiree Phung


Kim Feldman


Jess Murphy

Tax Specialist

Ian Ritter

Sales Tax Specialist

Krissy Patrikos

Sales Tax Specialist

Ciara Wilson 

Billing Specialist


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One Boston Place, Suite 2600

Boston, MA 02108

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321 Morris Road

Ambler, PA  19002

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“As the founder of our company, I have always been told that I am not your typical accountant.  At first, I took offense, trying to figure out what I could do to become a typical accountant. Then I realized that it is my story that has enabled us to create The Largo Group, which offers a unique approach to accounting that works for the business owner, not just the accountant.”

—Anne Gannon, founder of The Largo Group