3 Leadership Qualities Needed For 2024

Oct 16, 2023

While it has been a few weeks since Ryder Cup 2024, during this week’s shotmaker episode we walked through the many parallels between the US defeat in Italy and how many business owners are feeling as they wind down a challenging year.  

The challenges have been many this year in the hospitality industry.  From rising labor costs, to an uncertain consumer, and now much uncertainty about the strength of the 4th quarter.  And while no one can predict what the remainder of the year looks like, so many times looking to sports can provide many lessons to help keep us moving forward. 

During times of uncertainty, looking forward and planning for a comeback is only possible with a leadership team that has a clear vision of future success.

As we wind down 2023, and look to a new year, we believe there are three qualities that our leadership team must strengthen in order to win in 2024: 

  1. Vision: A clear and compelling vision of the future is essential. Leaders should be able to articulate a long-term goal or purpose that inspires and motivates others.

    For the Ryder Cup team, it is critical that their next captain is someone who sees the importance of vision.  Who believes in the potential of the team, and its ability to win in 2026.

    But isn’t this the same for our business?  Is your GM fully invested in the vision you see for your operations? Are they providing the energy and drive necessary to bring out the best in your employees? Do you share with your leadership team the goals you really have for your business.  Not just that you want to grow in 2024, but how? Where? How much?  To win in business just like in sports the vision must be shared with the team and part of your daily operations. 
  2. Communication: Effective communication skills are crucial for conveying ideas, inspiring trust, and maintaining transparency within a team or organization.

    In golf, communication is more than just technical.  It is critical that the leaders communicate with the team regarding playing time, structure, and strategy.

    But isn’t this true in your operations as well?  Communicating with your management team is more than just going through the to-do lists.  Effective communication includes allowing your team to share creative solutions and to have a voice in solving problems.  
  3. Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing circumstances, learn from failures, and pivot when necessary is crucial for effective leadership.

    In sports this is a critical part of every top-level athlete.  But isn’t this also a critical part of every effective manager you have worked with?  Afterall, regardless of the schedule, plan, and forecast, nothing goes exactly as planned.  And the best managers are able to adapt and find solutions to even the worst of problems.

    As we look to 2024, now is a great time to evaluate our team and make sure they are building the qualities of leadership that will bring success in 2024.  Afterall, leadership is a skill.  And making the commitment to build the leadership qualities of your team will lead to victory in 2024. 

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