Being The Caddy Your Team Needs

Nov 14, 2023

What do Tiger Woods and I have in common? 

Unfortunately, it isn’t our playing ability :) But it is the fact that over the last few weeks, we have both been caddying for our sons. 

While my son is new to the game, and definitely NOT Charlie Woods yet.  For me, it has been incredibly interesting to watch the great Tiger Woods embrace his new role as caddy for his son Charlie.  

Even before Tiger put on the bib, the caddie role was unique to many other roles in sports.  The main distinction between Caddie and Coach in other sports is the fact that in the caddie role, it is the player who makes the final decision. 

That is why I think this is an interesting distinction to explore at the business level.  A, as the owner does your team defer to you for all final decisions.  Have you set a clear boundary for when the business or the shift is in their hands?  Are they aware of your expectations in this area? 

In golf, the caddie role is understood universally.  The golfer will be the one to make the shot happen.  And all the caddie can do is provide the best advice, and the club of choice.  But the pressure and performance lies with the player alone.  

If my recent experience caddying for my 9-year-old is any indication, I can tell you this is not always easy.  In a recent tournament, we were standing at our second shot on the 10th hole.  Having played a great first shot to avoid a large hazard.   But in between the first and second shots, without realizing it, my son had grabbed a peanut butter sandwich.  So while I was focused on the second shot which needed to clear the hazard.  His hands were sticky.  

And as the ball sailed off into the hazard.  I saw the challenge we all face in the final decision with someone other than ourselves. And yet, if you are to step away, this is the part that must be defined well before the player is hitting the ball into the hazard.   For you and your team, have you defined when you will stop being caddy and step in? 

This isn’t an easy question.  But it is an important one as we get to the end of 2023, and the time when some of your biggest moments of 2023 will happen.  The large catering order for your largest corporate client.  The big party or event for your favorite regular. 

When will you step in to save the day, versus when and how will you mentor your team to make their best decisions without your approval 100% of the time? Unlike golf, the answer for you is both.  You can be Tiger and still step in to make the shot if you think the team can’t get it done.

That is why we believe NOW is the time to be proactive with your management and leadership opportunities before the craziest days of your event calendars happen. 

And just like my 9-year-old, chances are that many on your team are new to these experiences.  As like so many in the industry, it is probably the case that you are entering your busiest time with a new staff.  Which makes this year uncharted territory for your team.  

So while we all believe in the idea of stepping away from being in your business on a daily basis.  We caution you to be aware of the skill gaps that may be missing on your team.  And acknowledge that over the next few weeks, it may be time to put on the white jump-suit and pick up the bag for your rookie players.  A, with you i the bag, your team will certainly have the knowledge and experience to win the day in December 2023!

So rather than watching the ball sail off into the hazard.  Let's be proactive with the skill level of our management team, and aware of when we will be stepping in to hit the winning shot in 2023!

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