How Much Do You Value Resiliency?

Sep 11, 2023

For those of us old enough to remember 9/11/2001, today is always a tough day. But as we remember the terrible day, I believe that it is also important to remember the many hidden heroes that literally emerged from the darkness. 

For some reason, on the worst of days, these heroes found a way to move forward.  

I believe the core element these heroes shared was resiliency.  And as leaders, it is one of the most important questions we may ever ask.  Who on our team is the most resilient? And who can we can rely on during our most chaotic times to pull through.  

Resiliency is an incredibly valuable quality that helps navigate challenges, and adversity.  And yet, in the process of interviewing and building our teams, at times it is all but forgotten. 

I believe if valued, I believe there are three elements of resiliency that we should look for in building our teams:   

  1. Adaptability: Resilient individuals are flexible and can adapt to changing and challenging circumstances.  These are the people who stay cool, even on the worst of shifts. The people on our team who somehow find a way to pull out the win when no one else believed a win was possible.  These may not always be our stars, but these are the ones who are working behind the scenes to make it happen on a daily basis, regardless of the circumstances.
  2. Positive Outlook: Resilience involves maintaining a hopeful and optimistic attitude even in the face of difficulties. And at times, valuing a positive attitude or outlook in a team member can help build a more resilient team.  Especially in hospitality, there is a problem every moment if you choose to look for it.  But who are the people on your team who are looking for and finding the solutions?  This positive outlook can help individuals persevere through tough times.
  3. Problem-Solving Skills: Resilient people tend to be good problem solvers. And in the hospitality industry, at times the difference between winning and losing on a shift, or on a week can be in the hands of the team members who are able to find a creative solution to an otherwise unsolvable problem.  The times when you have double booked your party room.  Or you have three orders of Filet and you ran out 10 minutes ago.  This skillset can be a game-changer.  As problem-solvers tend to approach challenges with a mindset focused on finding solutions and making improvements.

Unfortunately, we can never predict the inevitable crisis in our future.  But we can prepare.  And building a resilient team may be one of the most important things you can do for your organization. On the other side of every horrible situation is an open door.  But the question is if our team is able to see it, and find it?

My question and challenge for you this week is to identify the resilient members on your team, and to build out your team organization chart with resiliency in mind. 

Are you struggling to build a plan for 2024? Are you feeling overwhelmed with rising labor costs and feeling like your management team is struggling? 

We can help! 

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