Rebuilding Your Team 2024

Oct 30, 2023

By most accounts, this hasn’t been the easiest year.  From consumer uncertainty and unpredictability to labor and margin pressures, for most, it has felt like a grind from the moment we stepped into 2023. 

But as much as this year has been confusing, as we move into the end of 2023 it is time to stop waiting for things to calm down.  Instead, this week we want to focus on building forward.  To understand that there will always be challenges for our business, but moving into 2024 we want to focus on building a resilient operation that is ready to thrive in 2024. 

But what does it mean to rebuild from the last few years?  Fundamentally, for most in the hospitality industry, our business has forever changed i the last few years.  But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  

As we look forward, we want to focus on the three things you can do NOW to rebuild your team for 2024.  A, rebuilding a team can be a complex process, but with careful planning and execution, you can create a cohesive and high-performing team. Here are the steps to rebuild a team effectively: 

  1. :Assess where you are today - Understand the reasons for rebuilding the team. Is it due to poor performance, changes in goals, or the need for new skills? This includes evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the current team members.Gather feedback from team members, stakeholders, and leaders to get different perspectives on the team's performance.
  2. Define Clear Goals and Objectives: Determine the specific goals and objectives you want the team to achieve in 2024.  Ensure that these goals align with the organization's overall mission and strategy.
  3. Identify the key areas of your team that need improvement, and build a comprehensive plan for training and developing these skills.  Invest in training and development programs for both existing and new team members to build necessary skills.
  4. Foster Team Collaboration: Create an environment that promotes open communication, trust, and collaboration among team members.  We know the world is changing fast, so it is key to have a team that can adapt and adjust in real time.  
  5. Set Performance Expectations:  Well before the clock strikes midnight on the end of 2023, we want to make sure that we have clearly defined what success looks like in 2024.  This includes defining clear performance expectations for each team member, as well as implementing performance metrics and regular performance reviews to track progress.

Building resilient operations starts with building a resilient team.  We believe this isn’t luck, but defining the skillsets needed and making sure your operations are continuously developing these team members on a weekly basis. 

Feeling lost? We can help!  Please CLICK HERE to learn more about our management development program and how it can help build and develop your resilient team in 2024!

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