Mindset Matters

With Anne Gannon

Shotmaker podcast is all about you and your mindset, there are so many things that we can't control. This podcast is about digging into what we can control and learning from operators, business owners, and thought leaders about mindset.

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The Formula to Restaurant Success 

We are joined by coach and restaurant expert David Peters. David has taught thousands of restaurant owners how to use operational systems to skyrocket profits. In his past businesses, he used his formula to rescue a multi-unit restaurant sports bar chain from bankruptcy and helped the owners sell for a profit. 

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Innovative Infrastructure

Anne Gannon meets with the management team of Garden Catering, an 8-unit restaurant group out of Connecticut and New York.  Anne, Zino, and Matt all attended the Restaurant Leadership Conference in Arizona this year, and they share their experience, breakthroughs, and take aways from this amazing event.

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The Power of Story Telling

Anne Gannon speaks with founder of GK Visual, Nate Krege to talk about the importance of social media. Anne dives into the creative motivation to tell your story. Nate is the producer and director of Poured in PA. 

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The Habitual Entrepreneur 

Anne Gannon meets with Food & Beverage Practice Leader, Kyle Rheiner. Listen as he takes us back to the beginning of his career. The decisions he's made, the obstacles he overcame, and the mindset he developed all led him to where he is now

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Brewer Hospitality

Anne Gannon meets with executive director of Brewers Guild PA, Adam Harris. They dive deep into what it takes to own a successful brewery and how joining an association can help guide you in the right direction. 

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What We Can Control in Our Business 

Founder of RestaurantOwner.com, Jim Laube, speaks with Anne about what is currently happening in the hospitality industry and what mindset it takes to get through. 

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Entrepreneurial Mindset

Anne Gannon speaks with successful brewery owner, Trip Ruvane to talk about what it takes to go after your dreams. Anne dives into the entrepreneurial mindset and the motivation behind Ruvane's success. 

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