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Shotmaker podcast is all about you and your mindset, there are so many things that we can't control. This podcast is about digging into what we can control and learning from operators, business owners, and thought leaders about mindset.

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College Sports and Cashflow

Let's explore the fascinating world of college sports and how they generate and spend millions of dollars every year. In this episode, we dive into the cashflow relations in college sports.

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Cashflow Issues in Sports

Anne Gannon is joined by Chris D'Agostino and Scott Fisher in a discussion about cash flow issues in business using sports analogies.

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Who is your MVP? 

You know how important it is to have a great team that works well together. But how do you evaluate your team's performance and identify areas for improvement? In this episode of the Shotmaker Podcast, we'll share some tips and tools for assessing your team's strengths and weaknesses, and how to use feedback and coaching to help them grow. All teams have an MVP, who is yours?

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Build your Shotmaker Mindset

Tune in to learn how your mindset affects you team. Learn ways to shift your mindset to be a shotmaker!

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Identifying your Comeback Strategy 

This week Anne meets with Vanessa Fraser. She capped her college career by contributing to Stanford’s third place finish at the 2018 NCAA Outdoor Track Championships and by setting the school record for 5,000m in Heusden, Belgium (15:09). She signed a professional contract with Nike in 2018 and joined the Bowerman Track Club, where she has since lowered her 5,000m personal best to 14:48. She came back from bilateral achilles surgery in 2020 and became a finalist at the 2021 Olympic Trials in the 5,000m."

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Game Winning Mindset

This week we are joined by Boulder, Colorado native and University of Colorado Leeds Business School grad turned professional volleyball player, Nicole Edelman. Since graduating, she has played in four different countries over six years! Anne speaks with Nicole about how sports relate to business. The way to combat a losing streak is communication and mindset. The most successful athletes I know say, ''play the game, not the score.'', so know your operation and the score will follow. 

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Business Improv

Anne Gannon meets with Peter Margaritis, CPA, CSP, aka “The Accidental Accountant®️, is the author of Improv Is No JokeTaking The Numb Out of NumbersWe dive into the benefits of incorporating improv into your business strategy. Improv is about empathy; One of Peter’s missions is to have business leaders remember that we are in the people business first, and improv leadership strengthens that critical relationship because we have no business without people

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The Formula to Restaurant Success 

We are joined by coach and restaurant expert David Peters. David has taught thousands of restaurant owners how to use operational systems to skyrocket profits. In his past businesses, he used his formula to rescue a multi-unit restaurant sports bar chain from bankruptcy and helped the owners sell for a profit. 

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Innovative Infrastructure

Anne Gannon meets with the management team of Garden Catering, an 8-unit restaurant group out of Connecticut and New York.  Anne, Zino, and Matt all attended the Restaurant Leadership Conference in Arizona this year, and they share their experience, breakthroughs, and take aways from this amazing event.

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The Power of Story Telling

Anne Gannon speaks with founder of GK Visual, Nate Krege to talk about the importance of social media. Anne dives into the creative motivation to tell your story. Nate is the producer and director of Poured in PA. 

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The Habitual Entrepreneur 

Anne Gannon meets with Food & Beverage Practice Leader, Kyle Rheiner. Listen as he takes us back to the beginning of his career. The decisions he's made, the obstacles he overcame, and the mindset he developed all led him to where he is now

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Brewer Hospitality

Anne Gannon meets with executive director of Brewers Guild PA, Adam Harris. They dive deep into what it takes to own a successful brewery and how joining an association can help guide you in the right direction. 

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What We Can Control in Our Business 

Founder of RestaurantOwner.com, Jim Laube, speaks with Anne about what is currently happening in the hospitality industry and what mindset it takes to get through. 

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Entrepreneurial Mindset

Anne Gannon speaks with successful brewery owner, Trip Ruvane to talk about what it takes to go after your dreams. Anne dives into the entrepreneurial mindset and the motivation behind Ruvane's success. 

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Shotmaker: An Owners Guide to Creating a Winning Business 

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