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Our weekly accounting model is the #1 bookkeeping method for business owners.


1.  Weekly Approach

Know how your business is doing NOW so you can make better business decisions for tomorrow.

2. Communication

We are not your typical accounting firm. We work with you weekly so that there is open communication to develop actionable solutions

3.  Education

Our tools have proven to be the difference maker in businesses across the country. We provide resources so you can take control of your operation.

You’re just a few steps away from turning your dream business into a reality.
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The Financial Cleanse Webinar 

 Learn how to understand and interpret your balance sheet so you can make better business decisions. 

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Courses & Webinars

Educational content relevant to the hospitality industry

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Get the latest industry insights from business owner and thought leaders

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Largo Blog

Industry specific informational content published by The Largo Group

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A consultant, coach, and accountant with all the skills that we need!

-Trip Ruvane

To prior bookkeepers and CPA's, we were just a number- they really seem to care about us as a business and as a client.

-Wes Hansen

The team at Largo has given me the tools and guidance to make real time decision about my restaurant. I now have a cash flow that allows me the freedom to pay all vendors within 7 to 10 days.

-Largo Client

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