Who is your MVP?

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Who is your MVP? 


With all of the craziness of the labor market in the last few years, this may be a question that generates a surprising result.  Afterall, in professional sports the Most Valuable Player designation is a prestigious accolade that highlights the exceptional individual whose contributions impact their team and the overall success of the organization. 


It is an interesting challenge to compare some of the best MVPs in professional sports to the MVPs of our own organizations.  Not who we wish we had on our team, or who we had in years past.  But based on our team as it exists TODAY.  


This may seem like silly banter, but the truth is there are many valuable lessons we can learn from the great sports MVP’s and what sets them apart from the other members of their teams.  In every game, regardless of the challenges beyond the game that the team is faced with, there is ALWAYS an MVP.  A player who represents the following qualities: 


  1. Outstanding Performance: In most cases, our MVPs are the ones that seem to step-up in the key situation when the rest of the team is faltering.  A tough shift, with a backed-up kitchen and irritated staff is where we see our MVP’s shine.  
  2. Consistency: A great MVP maintains a high level of performance throughout the season, or in our case shift.
  3. Leadership: MVPs often lead by example, inspiring their teammates with their work ethic, dedication, and passion for the game. 
  4. Team Player: While individual performance is essential, a great MVP also prioritizes the team's success. They are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good and collaborate effectively with teammates.
  5. Positive Attitude: MVPs maintain a positive attitude and help create a cohesive team environment. They boost morale and encourage their teammates during both victories and challenges.


But beyond these qualities of a great MVP, the key question in our organizations is if we are consistently recognizing our MVPs for the value they are bringing to our organization.  Afterall, the MVP may not be our most outgoing team member.  In many cases the MVP is the one behind the scenes, making it all happen.  It might not be our general manager.  It could be our dishwasher who has a great attitude that keeps the team motivated during the hard shifts. 


This is why our commitment as Shotmaker's must include allocating time each week to evaluate our team.  Jerry Jones and Robert Craft are at the game for a reason.  The belief that our business will run on autopilot is a myth.  These great owners know that they must be present to watch their teams perform under pressure.  They might not be on the sidelines coaching, or in the locker room warming up, but they are at the game.  Because they know they will see things that their leadership team won’t.  


Shotmaker tip: When was the last time you sat in your restaurant and evaluated your team? Not a formal evaluation, but just sat back and watched your team perform under pressure.  We recommend you do this WEEKLY and develop your own understanding of the strengths of each team member.  


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