Recognizing Service as a Skill in Hospitality

I recently snuck off for a family vacation to the Florida Keys, a place known for peace and quiet, and the ability to disappear for a few days to a different world. And surprisingly during this trip, I learned a great life lesson on the impact a server can have on a customer’s experience. 

The second day on our Florida adventure we decided to go on a snorkeling trip. As guests were boarding we couldn’t help but notice the boat attendant seemed to know many of the other guests. He was shaking their hands and greeting them as if they were old friends.

“I waited on them last night at the restaurant,” Ruben, the attendant, shared cheerfully as one of the couples boarded.  “Just another day in paradise.”

With 80 degrees in crystal clear water all around, I realized he wasn’t being sarcastic.

“I love my job,” he said to my 7-year-old as he handed out our gear.

And he did. We came to learn that he had worked on Royal...

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