2021 is a new beginning.  

The Largo Group has committed itself to provide the highest quality education to our members as well as fellow entrepreneurs looking to build their vision into reality. 

Now more than ever - we are all in this together!

STIMULUS UPDATE - December 2020 and beyond Offer


What do I need to know about the next round of the stimulus? 

After 6 long months of waiting, it looks like a deal is FINALLY in the works? But what does this mean for you and your business? What steps do you need to take? What rules have changed? 

Please join us as we break down everything we know about the new relief package, and what it means for you and your business in the next few weeks/months and beyond. 

We are all in this together!

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Course Objectives

The Importance of Cash Flow for SMEs | by John Smith | Lendflo | Medium

Do you ever feel like sales are coming in, and expenses are going out and yet at the end of the day you have less cash than when you started? 

During this 3-week intensive course, we will work through how to change this cycle in 2021 so that you are making the money you deserve in the new year!

This course includes the following; 

3 Course lectures on setting up a weekly cash flow strategy for your business

3 Whiteboard sessions on the accounting fundamentals behind the differences between profits and cash

One-on-One implementation session with our team to ensure you are on the right path on a weekly basis!

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Financial Accounting Fundamentals


Course Objectives



Do you ever feel like the word accounting makes your head spin? And yet, accounting IS the language of business. 

During this 4-week course we will walk through the fundamentals of accounting to discover the WHY behind all of the rules!

Topics covered: 

  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • What can I learn from financial statements? 
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