How to Select the Right Business Formation

business formation Nov 05, 2019

So many business owners ask me to verify if their business is set up the “right” way. The short answer is that the key to a good business formation is to make sure that the formation works with the dreams you have for your company. 

Let’s use Facebook as an example. Mark Zuckerberg had a dream while in his Harvard University dorm room in 2004. But before he could bring his innovation to the masses, he needed to choose a business formation that would work with his vision. No one could have predicted, what Facebook would ultimately become. And yet, at the beginning stages of any company, every business owner must these important decisions without knowing what the future holds.

Prior to defining Facebook legally, it was just a fun project among Mark Zuckerberg and his friends.  According to the records, Mark Zuckerberg first formed a limited liability company, or LLC, based in Florida. The legal formation LLC is considered a “hybrid”...

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