Use Restaurant Menu as BLUEPRINT for Business

The time you invest in the menu for your restaurant is probably more important than anything else you plan for your restaurant. A restaurant menu pays huge dividends financially and personally.

The menu is the first thing people look for and what they see in any format, whether it’s mobile, paper, or on a review site. It sets the tone for your guests and is a leading impression in choosing your restaurant.

What personal dividends can you get from a menu? Creativity and art with food. A way to express the personality of the owner, staff and operation. Your style in flavor, spices, color and presentation with each dish setting the tone and atmosphere for your experience.

What financial dividends can you get from a menu? You should be rewarded for who you are and your expression. If it is not special and rewarding for you, the owner, why would you sell it? You deserve it. You are the one taking all the risk and reaching for opportunity. Do it for the right reasons but also earn a...

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