How to Make Restaurant Payroll Less Stressful

Would you like to make your restaurant payroll less stressful? Watch this video, or read below, for two tips on how to do it. 

You know that three payroll month? It only happens twice per year, but somehow it always seems to happen when your sales are low and you have no cash flow. Three payrolls and no cash. Or what about the time it takes to do your restaurant payroll. You have to track down your data from your POS system, making the managers adjust the in and out time, making sure all the data is correct, enter all the data and then double check it. It takes a lot of time. And if you're a restaurant owner who does it themself, you're really stressing yourself out. 

A lot of restaurant owners don't want to give up the cost of paying a professional payroll company. Especially if they feel like they have the time to do it themselves. But I have a few reasons you should just pay a payroll company to do it for you.

  • Number one, a payroll company is going to keep you in...
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