What to Expect from a Restaurant Accountant

restaurant accountant Sep 23, 2019

Have you ever wondered what a restaurant accountant does for a restaurant business? Why are they important and what you should expect? Watch this video, or continue reading below, to learn.

Look, I feel your pain. I've been an operator and received my P&L anywhere from 15-90 days after a period closed. Getting it that late doesn't help me - all it does is help me look backwards. But you should expect more from your restaurant accountant because you need more to run a profitable restaurant.

If your restaurant accountant is giving you your profit and loss statement even 15 days into the next period, all you're doing is looking backwards. Many restaurant owners feel like they're overpaying their restaurant accountant and then don't want to be charged more so they don't call and ask questions for fear of being billed. Instead they wait until the end of the year and then get a big bill when the accountant is redoing all of the books to make sure the taxes are paid. And all the...

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